How to Respond to a Cyber Attack

                                                                                             Identify and contain the breach

* Identify which servers, computers and systems have been compromised.

* Try and isolate the compromised part of your network to identify the source.

* Immeditately change your passwords and install any pending security updates.

Know when you need a professional

Even if you don't outsource your I.T, it's always best to find a company you would trust to help you through a cyberattack if the occasion called for it.

Restore your systems

* Once the breach has been dealt with, identify when it occurred and check that your back-ups were not compromised. 

* Once done, restore your systems to the last back-up done before the breach occurred. 

Send out a notifcation breach 

Identify and notify those affected by the breach; employees, customers, any third-party suppliers or relevant regulators as per your legal obligation.

PR Damage Control

If customers feel you have taken the breach seriously, it could prevent legal battles.

* Notify customers quickly

* Post on social media to showcase transparency

* Monitor social media closely to respond to any comments

* Ensure there is a preferred point of contact for customers


Once the breach has been closed, identify how it happened in the first place. 

Was it an employee? And therefore, was it intentional?

Is there a weakness in your network system?

Was it a system that needed to be updated?

Vigilance and Review

* Remain vigilant after attacks in case another attempt is made.

* If you don't have a Cyber Incident Response plan in place, ensure you do now.

Get help with Cyber Security

We have a range of cyber security solutions to help prevent cyber attacks on businesses but we are also experienced in dealing with cyber attacks when they occur.

Get in touch today to discuss the best option for your business.