Going Hybrid from ISDN

You'll no longer be able to purchase ISDN phone lines by September 2023 and switched off in December 2025.

Even though it might be a while away, now is a good time to start considering your options.

Hybrid Phone System

Hybrid is one such option as it utilises your existing infrastructure.

It combines the different types of connection tech; ISDN, analogue digital and IP, into a single phone system.

Most businesses opt for a Hybrid Phone System when they have ISDN infrastructure but want the advantages of an IP phone system.

What are the benefits of a Hybrid phone system?


Connects Analogue, Digital and IP extensions. ✔️

Connects Analogue, ISDN and SIP lines. ✔️

Easy migration to an IP service ✔️

Stay on top of Security by maintaining control over your network. ✔️


Benefit from the cost-saving of VoIP ✔️

Your own in-house communications service that you can distribute as you wish ✔️

Go Cloud and Save; decide what features to stay on-premise ✔️

Great! So what are the downsides?


It needs its own dedicated PBX box ❌

PBX needs to be on-premise, so you'll need a secure environment for it. ❌

Cost - initial capital for the hardware can be significant (although you can spread this) ❌

Is a Hybrid Phone system suitable for my business?

If you already have ISDN in place then it makes sense to protect that investment.

This applies to all sizes of business who have existing infrastructure.

Need help taking the first steps to a hybrid phone system?

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