Cyber Security for Small Businesses

Small businesses tend to think they're too small to be worth attacking but that attitude often makes them an easier target.

Recent trends show that cyber-attacks on small businesses are increasing.

It's time small businesses took the threats seriously and find out more about how you can protect your business with... 

9 Top Tips for protecting your business

1. Antivirus Software

Protect your devices from viruses and other nasties like spyware, ransomware and phishing scams.

2. Control Permissions

Introduce user roles and permissions, so users have access specific to their role. Upon staff leaving, revoke all access. 

3. Data Back-ups

Identify critical data that would hurt to lose. Would it harm your business if you lost a days worth of data? An hour? This will inform your decision on the frequency of the back-up.

4. Educate your team

Employees are actually on of the biggest breach causes. Out of spite or clicking on a suspicious email. Educating your team on identifying cyberthreats can mitigate this issue. 

5. Go Cloud

Cloud providers ensure their products are highly secure; they are constantly updating their service.

6. Security for mobiles

Use a mobile device manager software that allows IT admins to control, secure and enforce policy on phones, tablets and other devices.

7. Systems and Processes Risk Assessment

Audit your IT systems to see if you can identify possible breaches. Better yet, get an external IT company to review them.

8. Secure Wireless networks

Manage your Preferred Network List (PNL) and use a Virtual Private Network (VPN.)

9. System Updates

Carry out regular updates for your systems to remain secure.

So how can BTT help?

* Backup and recovery - We can help you decide on a data backup & recovery solution and implement it.

* Cyber Essentials -  We can take you through the Government-backed scheme which helps to define security controls and guidance on the basics of cyber security. You're even awarded a certificate at the end!

* GDPR Compliance - We ensure that you're in full GDPR compliance.

* Internet Security Solutions - We have a variety of tools we can use; Antivirus, Anti-malware software, Application security, Behavioural analytics, Data loss prevention, DDS prevention, Email security, Firewalls, and Network segmentation.

* Penetration Testing - We simulate a cyber-attack and identify any vulnerabilities in your system.

* User awareness training - Bespoke, user awareness training for your team; designed to educate your team in identifying the risks, identifying suspicious activity and best digital practice. 

*  Managed Endpoint Security -  Devices such as desktops, laptops and mobiles are points of access to your network. We employ Managed endpoint security, putting in a process to authenticate and monitor access to your network.

* Phishing Simulation - We mimic the role of the attacker and send realistic scam emails. We review the responsiveness of your employees.

Need help reviewing your cybersecurity?

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