Best Security Solutions for Care Homes

Care homes need areas that are staff-only.

Access control means that you can set different security authorisation levels to prevent people from accessing all areas, easily. 

The most common types of access control used in care homes are: Fob / Pass Fingerprint Facial, Video Intercom

Some key reasons for access control systems in your care home:

* Time and Attendance – Ensure that staff are in for their shifts and arrived on-time

* Emergency Location Lists – In the event of an emergency

* Protection from theft, disgruntled ex-employees or even family members entering the building

* Protect sensitive data and medicines.

* Restrict and Track any access, so that only authorised people are allowed into certain areas/buildings.

* Save Time by having a report of staff activity

* More control over security because you are able to assign access on a per person basis

CCTV in your Care Home

Images need to be easily stored and retrieved. IP CCTV comes with the following:

* Mobile app access

* Recieve alerts

* Live streaming 

* Smart searching

Importance of camera quality

* You’ll likely need a combination of bullet cameras for external monitoring and dome cameras for internal monitoring (better aesthetically.)

* Capture any possible incidents in clear detail such as any interactions with residents. 

Key features for CCTV in Care Homes

* Panoramic view

* Tamper detection

* Night-vision

* Thermal imaging

* Mask detection

* Fall and intrusion detection

* Auto-tracking & people counting

* Infra-red

* Object removal detection

* ANPR vehicle detection

* Facial detection

* Self-learning video analytics

Your intruder alarm should have:

* Motion detectors - monitor any movement

* Shock sensors - for entry via windows

* Alarm - alerts through sound and lights

* Panic buttons - act within the building

* App - monitor activity off-site

Security Barriers in Care Homes

* Drop arm barrier for your car park, integrated with access passes or manually admit visitors with a button. 

* Use CCTV camera with ANPR recognition and have a pre-recorded set of vehicle number plates so that it gives them automatic entry upon arrival.

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