What's are some must-have security systems for a distribution centre?

Warehouses are usually big buildings on even larger sites.

You security measures across the site, inside the building and specific areas within the building such as high value areas.

We have installed countless security systems in Warehouses across the UK and here are some key security considerations for each area of your site...

Perimeter Security

* Palisade Fencing protects your site whilst you can maintain view of the outside world

* Palisade Fencing makes people think twice about accessing your site, due to the height, pointed tops and lack of footholds.

* Integrate the fence with an intruder alarm, which alerts you if your perimeter is breached.

Staff Car Park

* A secure car park will have a drop arm barrier with an intercom and fob access control

* The intercom would be linked to reception where they can permit access at the push of a button.

Site Entrance and Exit for Visitors

* The site entrance for visitors should have a drop arm barrier with an intercom. (Linked to reception)

* You'll want to record when someone leaves, so you know who is on your site. This can be done automatically with an ANPR Bullet camera. The drop arm barriers will have a list of cars it'll automatically open for.

Building Entrance

You don't want anyone walking in! 

Use automated security checks such as turnstiles, integrated with fob access control.

The fob will give you a record of everyone on-site.

External Building Surveillance

We recommend a range of bullet CCTV cams because of their angle of trajectory and ease of manipulation 

Ensure you have full coverage of the site; your site is likely to be an active site, 24/7 so you’ll need to think about what CCTV features you’ll need.

* You can get features such as facial recognition, object removal detection and thermal detection (to differentiate animals from humans) 

Internal surveillance 

* Do more with fewer cameras if you choose a wider angle lens.

* Domed cameras are also great options due their ability to turn 360 degrees.

* High value areas tend to be caged off; enhance your security measures by installing cross beam technology.

* Consider the stress a camera might be subjected to in certain environments, ie. refrigerated sections.

CCTV Analytics

With the IP CCTV systems we install, you can use smart search to identify specific elements in a camera frame.

The benefits of this are huge, what would take hours up hours of searching through footage is now shortened to minutes to identify an area, search and view the incident.

Are you reviewing your security measures in your Distribution Centre?

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