What is the best phone system for recruitment agencies?

Recruitment Agency with less than 30 staff

We recommend a Hosted Phone System

It's cloud-based and effectively you rent the phone system rather than purchasing your own dedicated system. 

Multiple sites / +30 staff

An IP Phone System unless you have existing infrastructure, then we recommend a Hybrid Phone System. 

IP Phone system - you purchase it for your business and choose where to host it.

Choose a Hybrid Phone System if you have ISDN, Analogue or Digital infrastructure but want the advantages of IP technology.

Hosted Phone System's you should Demo

Horizon and Wildix.

From a costing point of view, Horizon is the better costing option when there are 1-15 users, whereas Wildix is best when there is 15+ users.

IP & Hybrid Phone System's you should Demo

Wildix, Mitel and NEC

Some have advanced feature sets which would depend on whether you would need them. The main difference between them would be cost and user compatibility.

Your choice will likely depend on your budget and your business type.

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