There are a few key components that can help improve connectivity in a business; Broadband, Cabling, Wi-Fi, Private WAN and Ethernet.

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Business Broadband

Business Broadband

Your broadband needs to be adaptable and flexible to your needs but ultimately, it needs to be reliable.

Those businesses that have an unreliable connection to the internet are likely to experience slow speeds and possibly…

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significant downtime.

In this day and age, that could put you behind your competitors simply because your internet was down and you weren’t able to answer crucial calls, emails, social media enquiries or essentials systems like your CRM because you were experiencing downtime and they weren’t.

The internet is such an integral part of businesses today; in the way, we communicate and operate which is why businesses need reliable broadband service.

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In the data cabling world, not any type of cable will do.

Different cables do different jobs and some do it better than others. If your business’s cabling is not installed properly; where too much or too little amount of…

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…cable was used or the incorrect types of cables are being used then potentially you’ll need the cabling done again which is a costly exercise.

In fact, a good portion of our cabling jobs is where we have been brought in to rectify cabling work done by other contractors.

Cabling is perhaps not the most exciting component of a project but it is the most important element.

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Private WAN Connectivity

Private WAN

Private WAN is a network solution which utilises broadband technologies which is ideal for multi-site businesses that want to improve their connectivity between sites and have a private, secure and reliable network.
You may have heard of …

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… Converged Private Networks (CPN), Fully Managed MPLS-based WAN – these are all Private WAN, just known by a few different names!

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Ethernet Connectivity


BTT Ethernet offers uncontested high-bandwidth connectivity for Voice only, Data only and the Convergence of Voice and Data. Ethernet has…

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…been around for many years but it’s gaining popularity as businesses have begun storing and operating with business-critical applications in the cloud.

The need to be able to share data through a reliable and secure connection has never been stronger.

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WiFi Connectivity


Wi-Fi connects you to your network without the need for a physical data cable to your device which is hugely beneficial for businesses who need to be constantly mobile.

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