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When it comes to the security of your business, what’s it worth? Choosing the right surveillance system can be tricky. With so many DIY options available on the market, which you can pick up for very little, why would you choose to go with a commercial set up?

What’s a DIY system?

A DIY system is one which you can pick up from local electronics stores and are often described as ‘plug and play’ cameras. They will have basic security features such as recording, playback and remote viewing, (e.g. from a mobile device.) Of course with this sort of system, you are going to have to install it yourself.

What’s a commercial system?

Professionally installed cameras provide you with the knowledge that your cameras are installed correctly, with best viewing angles and best practice for recording. A commercial system is scalable which means it can be designed to fit you and your business.

What do you want to achieve from your CCTV?

Depending on what you want to protect your business from, will determine which product is best for you.

Do you want to be able to capture number plates? Health and safety? General surveillance? Specific entry points and break-ins?

The cameras which you can buy and install yourself tend to be a lot smaller, which means you may not get the coverage you need. You may be compromising on the quality of an image, recording capabilities or how your recordings are backed up.

How do I access the images?

You may not always be on site, so you may need to be able to access the images remotely. Whether you want the ability to view your system through a web app, smartphone app or via your desktop will be a key factor to consider. If an alarm goes off, you can remotely view what is happening so you can take the best course of action.

Where do the recorded images go?

With the smaller system’s the recordings will tend to be saved to a DVR which will continuously record in a loop. Once it reaches capacity the older images will be recorded over.

With a professionally installed system, recordings can be backed up to a cloud-based server meaning you’ll never lose them. They also tend to support central monitoring software, so you will be able to view several systems from one location.

But won’t a commercial set up cost more?

In the long run, it is likely to cost slightly more. But it is important to remember that a commercial CCTV camera is going to last you a lot longer. With better cabling, a sturdy product and the correct installation. As an example, at BTT we’ve installed products that have lasted customers 10 years + compared to DIY installations that are unlikely to produce quality security past 2-3 years.

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