How good is your Wi-Fi?

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Wi-Fi is such an important aspect of our everyday lives as we stay “connected” to the digital world, it is even more important to the business world as we rely so heavily on internet access.

It can be quite significant to a business if they experience severe slowness in their Wi-Fi network. Even one day of downtime due to poor access can have a huge impact on a business. There is a lot of reasons why your Wi-Fi could be slow. So, how good is your Wi-Fi?

Where are your Wi-Fi access points located?

In your office, you may be blocking the signal with brick walls or metal furniture so it’s worth looking at where your access points are to see if you could improve your signal.

What channel are you using?

We know it’s not a TV but it is a little like a radio frequency. You can choose a channel to receive on but your neighbouring businesses may be on the same channel which could impact on your Wi-Fi speed.

What do you use Wi-Fi for?

What does your business need Wi-Fi for? Live streaming? Video conferencing? You may need to look at increasing your Wi-Fi bandwidth.

Slow internet, Slow Wi-Fi

If your internet connection is slower than your Wi-Fi then you are likely to experience slow speeds.

Too many users?

How many people are using your Wi-Fi? Better yet, how many devices are using your Wi-Fi? If your Wi-Fi is running slow, perhaps, you have too many people/devices accessing it. If that is the case, it may be time to look at upgrading to accommodate your users.

External users?

Do you open up your Wi-Fi to visitors? That’s great but have you considered that when choosing your Wi-Fi network? Also, if you are a retail or food outlet then the impact could be significant, so it may be time to look at a public and a private network, to reduce the impact on the day-to-day activities.

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