FTTC vs FTTP Broadband

Fibre Broadband provides fast download and upload speeds

There are two main types of Fibre Broadband:

FTTC (Fibre to the Cabinet)

FTTP (Fibre to the Premise)


FTTC uses the fibre-optic cables from the telephone exchange to the green, roadside cabinet and then, copper cable to the relevant business. 

FTTC can achieve speeds of up to 76Mbps for downloads and 19Mbps for uploads.


Fibre-optic cables transmit from the exchange all the way to your business’s premises, so no copper in the connection which allows for a significantly faster internet speed.

FTTP provides bandwidths of up to 330Mbps for downloads and 30Mbps for uploads.

How to Choose the Right Fibre Connection for your Business

The main things to consider are Speed, Cost and Availability.


FTTP is a lot faster than FTTC.


FTTP is a similar price to FTTC, and is only more expensive if there needs to be new infrastructure installed.


You might not even be able to have the option of FTTP due to your location, however the roll out of FTTP is building.

Both options are viable for a business, but take advantage of FTTP if you can as it is more reliable and resilient.

In the not too distant future, FTTP will become the new “standard” business broadband option.

Therefore, if you were able to get FTTP, that is certainly the option we would recommend to you.

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