COVID-19 Updates

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Recent government guidance has addressed the requirement of engineers to attend site for works that have been unable to be completed during the early stages of this COVID-19 outbreak.

With that in mind, new rules are in place for Openreach visits and our own engineers' visits.

Please read the guidance below for when an engineer visits your site.

Openreach Engineer Visits

Openreach have reinstated Engineer visits to premises but there is new guidance to follow.

Openreach will do everything they can to get you up and running without entering your premises but in the event that it is unavoidable, there is new requirements for you to follow, pre-visit, during and after.

Watch this video for a summary of what you need to do before your engineer arrives, during the visit and after.


  • The Openreach engineer will contact you and ask a number of screening questions to allow them to identify if any circumstances have changed since the appointment was made
  • If an engineer does need to enter your premises, they may choose to wear a mask and/or gloves.
  • Please maintain 2 metres social distancing, and wherever possible, move to a different room
  • Once the engineer has finished the work, they will wipe down any surfaces they have touched before leaving.

On the day of the visit

  • Clear a path to the main telephone socket if you have one
  • Wipe down any surfaces around the telephone socket the engineer may come into contact with
  • Open any windows or doors where the Openreach engineer will likely have to work.

At the end of the job

  • The Openreach engineer will conduct your handover remotely either by phone, WhatsApp or FaceTime.

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