Business Energy for Golf Clubs, Gyms and Leisure Centres

Golf Clubs, Gyms and Leisure Centres tend to use a vast amount of energy which of course, means large energy bills. Alongside, other costs that naturally increase when you have a business, it may be time to look at how to save costs.

Energy is one such area you can save money by switching your supplier, even if you are in contract, you can secure today’s prices, ready for your contract ending.

By reviewing your business energy, you can:

Save money – Secure today’s rates for when your contract ends – Get Green energy

Choosing to change your Business Energy Supplier

We work with a lot of the major energy suppliers such as British Gas, Npower, EON, Engie and Opus. Due to our buying power, we have access to a wide range of energy deals that aren’t in the public domain. Typically, we save our customers between 10-20%, although in some cases we have cut up to 50% off their current bill.

When you make the switch to our energy suppliers, we can install a Smart Meter which will remove any uncertainty with readings and therefore, the amount you pay.

Still in Contract? That’s the beauty about partnering with us; we can secure today’s rates for up to 5 years in advance!

Many of our current clients were already in a contract when we began our search for them, so we forward price contracts. Let’s say you are in contract until January 2024, we can search the rates for you, today; secure the best price so that when your contract is up you are automatically switched over.

This means that you won’t be subject to price increases and you don’t have to panic near the time to switch quickly or risk being charged deemed rates.

Green Energy

We have a range of Green tariffs where the power is generated from 100% renewable sources. Our Green energy is generated exclusively through wind (hydro assets.)

There is no guarantee that it will be cheaper because fossil fuels still dominate the market, so they do fluctuate their pricing to beat others in the market. However, we do tend to have one supplier in particular who will charge a rate for their “Standard” energy source at the same rate as their green energy source.

Get a Quote

We will need the following which you can email to

  • A recent gas and electricity bill from your current suppliers (we’ll take as many as you can find!)
  • A signed Letter of Authority on your company’s headed paper. (We can provide a template if you need it.)

Why do you need a Letter of Authority?

We need a LOA to allow us to find out information from your current suppliers, such as contract end date and the relevant meter data showing how you use your energy. It also allows us to request bespoke pricing from all of our suppliers on your behalf.

We will never do anything without your express consent.

Speak to a Real Person

We are a reputable communications company who have added one more string to our bow to add further value to our customers.

You are more than welcome to visit our offices or one of our Director’s out to see you so you can look at the “whites of their eyes” so to speak if you'd prefer before asking for a quote.

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