Save money on your Business Energy

As a finance company (particularly if you belong to an accountancy firm) you are most likely, more than aware that costs increase every day that aren’t within the control of your business. With cost increasing, businesses need to keep reviewing where they can save money.

Finance companies can save money on their business energy by switching suppliers, even if you are in contract. We can offer you a contract which secures todays prices, ready for when your contract ends.

By reviewing your business energy, you can:

Save money – Secure today’s rates for when your contract ends – Use Green energy

Business Energy FAQ’s

  • My finance company is only a small business, can you help? Yes, our energy deals are available to all businesses; small, medium, large or multi-site companies.
  • What type of energy do you supply? Electricity and Gas with Green Energy options available.
  • Who Supplies the Energy? We have a catalogue of major energy suppliers currently contracted with us, including British Gas, Npower, EON, Engie and Opus to name but a few.
  • How much could you save me? Typically, we save our customers between 10-20%, although in some cases we have cut up to 50% off their current bill.
  • What about Smart Meters? When you make the switch to BTT Energy, we can install a Smart Meter which will remove any uncertainty with readings and therefore, the amount you pay.
    Automatic readings will be taken every day, so you’ll only be charged for what you use. If you are keen to reduce your energy consumption, the Smart Meter will show you how much you are using and what it is costing you.
  • I’m still in Contract… That’s the beauty about partnering with us; we can secure today’s rates for up to 5 years in advance!

Many of our current clients were already in a contract when we began our search for them, so we forward price contracts. Let’s say you are in contract until September 2025, we can search the rates for you, today; secure the best price so that when your contract is up you are automatically switched over.

This means that you won’t be subject to price increases and you don’t have to panic near the time to switch quickly or risk being charged deemed rates.

Green Energy in your Finance Company

We have a range of Green tariffs where the power is generated from 100% renewable sources. Our Green energy is generated exclusively through wind (hydro assets.)

We can’t guarantee that it will be cheaper because fossil fuels still dominate the market, so they do fluctuate their pricing to beat others in the market.

What we can say is that we do tend to have one supplier in particular who will charge a rate for their “Standard” energy source at the same rate as their green energy source.

Unlike some energy brokers, our green energy is available to small, medium and large businesses.

Do you want a Price Comparison?

We will need the following which you can email to

A recent gas and electricity bill from your current suppliers (we’ll take as many as you can find!)

A signed Letter of Authority on your company’s headed paper. (We can provide a template if you need it.)

Why do you need a Letter of Authority?

We need a LOA to allow us to find out information from your current suppliers, such as contract end date and the relevant meter data showing how you use your energy. It also allows us to request bespoke pricing from all of our suppliers on your behalf.

We will never do anything without your express consent.

Get an Energy Quote

Would you like to see how much money you could save on your business's energy bill?

Send us an email with a recent gas and electricity bill (ideally two or three) and a signed Letter of Authority on your company’s headed paper. (We can provide a template if you need it.)

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